Trail Use Permits  







IMPORTANT: You must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the permit application. Applications without a SASE cannot be returned. Thank you for your assistance.

The DRHT is currently a private, "permit-required" trail. Access to and use of the trail is prohibited without a valid DRHT Recreational Use Permit.

To apply for a permit to use the DRHT:

1. Click here to Complete the Permit Application On line or Click here to download the permit in Word format

2. Review the application and the "DRHT Conditions of Use"

3. Print the application

4. Sign the application

5. Include a self addressed, stamped envelope

6. Mail the application to:

Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail, Inc.
Attn: David Brickley
5000 Liberty Woods Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22193

1. To obey all Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations. Restrictions due to eagle nests may be in effect on portions of the corridor.
2. To observe normal and customary safety precautions and practices.
3. To leave no litter and clean litter left by others.
4. To observe all "posted" and "no trespassing" signs. Corridor is Private Property and adjoins Private Property belonging to others. The private property rights of our neighbors must be respected whether or not their property is posted. There is no access to adjoining property from the Railroad Corridor without prior specific permission of the owner of the adjoining property.
5. To access Railroad Corridor appropriately. No access may be had via private subdivision roads unless specific permission has been given by the appropriate owners.
6. To use the Corridor in a reasonable manner at all times; to avoid disturbing and damaging Railroad Corridor and property of adjacent DRHTAs; to prevent damage to all roads and driveways that cross the Railroad Corridor; and to protect and preserve the area's wildlife, plants, and other natural features.
7. Collecting railroad memorabilia is strictly forbidden. All ties, spikes, mileposts, etc. are DRHTA's property and may not be removed.
8. No firearms may be brought onto the Railroad Corridor unless DRHTA has included "hunting" as a permitted use. This bars firearms including unloaded or inoperable weapons. And "hunter" is required to carry picture ID at all times when on Railroad Corridor.
9. All dogs must be on leash or under control of permit holder. No dogs are permitted to chase wildlife or to run loose onto property of adjoining landowners except where "hunting with dogs" is a permitted use and permission has been obtained from adjoining owners.
10. To respect adjoining owners' rights to have horses and livestock adjoining Corridor without interference from Corridor users. Do NOT feed horses "treats" or pet them.
11. To watch for, and yield to, any horses on the trail. Stop for approaching horses and wait for them to pass. If coming from behind, let the rider and horse know you are there and wait for instructions from the rider.
12. To report any unauthorized use of Corridor to DRHTA.

Friends of the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail